Part 1. A day in the life of a zookeeper

assorted color animal miniatures and zoo letter decor
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I have the dream job. Well, my dream job at least.

When I say “I’m a zookeeper”, it can conjure up an array of images. You might assume that means I hold cute baby animals all day and take selfies with them. Or that I have a pet giraffe I sometimes take home for sleepovers. Or simply that I like wearing khaki… a lot.

So firstly let me just clarify. That image you just created, the one of me holding the baby tiger all day… let me burst that bubble RIGHT NOW. The reality? My job involves picking up animal poo at seven thirty in the morning while it’s dark and raining outside. I repeat; I do not spend my day holding baby animals. Doesn’t happen. No giraffe sleepovers either. Sorry. But there is khaki…

Still with me? Fantastic. So… what does my day look like? Well, no two days in the life of a zookeeper are ever the same; but I’ll keep you updated on what some of those days look like…

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